Admissions for Spanish and International Transfer Students

22 March 2024

Who is eligible for admission as a transfer student at the UMH?

  • Students who have started undergraduate programs at accredited Spanish or foreign universities and who want to transfer to the UMH as undergraduate students are eligible for admission. This admissions procedure, according to the provisions of Royal Decree 412/2014, of 6 June, which establishes the basic regulations concerning admissions procedures for accredited university undergraduate degree programs, entails changing universities and/or university programs.
  • Students who have completed a university undergraduate program outside Spain yet have not had their degree recognized within Spain are also eligible for admission.


What are the academic requirements for admission?

  • The minimum admission requirement is that 30 undergraduate transfer credits for the program you are applying to are granted by the UMH.
  • If the demand for the desired program is high, a minimum grade point average of 8.0 on the university of origin’s academic transcript is also required. However, this latter requirement only applies to the Bachelor’s in Medicine, and the Faculty of Medicine may waive this requirement for applicants who demonstrate a change of family residence, due to illness, for elite athletes, and any other reason that justifies a student’s need to transfer from his or her university.


When may I apply for admission?

  • Regular period: May 2-17, 2019.
  • Extraordinary period: July 8-26, 2019.

The extraordinary period is exclusively for undergraduate programs that have space available following the regular period. The undergraduate programs that still have space available after the regular period may be consulted on this webpage prior to the start of the extraordinary period.


How do I apply for admission?

  • The admission application is completed online, and students request UMH transfer credits for courses they have successfully passed at their universities of origin in the same manner. All necessary documentation for UMH transfer credits must be uploaded on the application in a PDF format (one file per document).
  • Submitting the corresponding original documents for verification is only required of students who are ultimately admitted.

For further information, you may consult the following manual.


What is the procedure for inquiring about transfer credits that may be granted by the UMH?

  • This LINK may be consulted to learn about the UMH history of granting transfer credits for courses passed at various universities of origin.
  • UMH transfer credits that do not appear in said history may be granted after the UMH compares the course program guides/syllabi from the undergraduate programs of origin with those from the corresponding courses of each UMH undergraduate program curriculum. For the UMH to grant transfer credits, a minimum equivalency of 70% is required for both course contents and ECTS credits.


What documents must accompany the application?

  • Document accrediting the student’s identity: Spanish National ID Card, NIE (Spanish Foreigner Identification Number), or passport.
  • Personal academic transcript from the university of origin.
  • Course programs/syllabi for passed courses in the undergraduate program of origin must be duly sealed by the university of origin.
  • Curriculum of the undergraduate program of origin if the student’s university of origin does not belong to the European Higher Education Area.
  • All documentation belonging to foreign students must be legalized and translated to Spanish by a sworn translator. Course programs/syllabi in English do not need to be translated to Spanish. No type of legalization is required for documents if the country of origin is Switzerland or if they belong to either the European Union or European Economic Area.
  • If the undergraduate program of origin is the UMH, applicants do not need to present their Spanish National ID Card, program certification, or program guides/syllabi.

Students from foreign universities are required to pay a fee of 143.73€ for the transfer credit assessment. The invoice for such payment is sent by the Service of Academic Management to the student’s email.


What are the criteria for ranking transfer student places?

  • Number of transfer credits granted (accounting for 40% of the admission decision).
  • Grade point average of the transfer credits granted (accounting for 40% of the admission decision).
  • Legitimacy of reasons for requesting transfer (accounting for 20% of the admission decision): change of family residence, due to illness, for elite athletes, and other justified reasons to be assessed by the faculty or school.


How are inquiries made about the status of my application?

Inquiries about the application status are made via the same admission application and by providing the student’s National ID Card and password.


How am I notified if I am admitted?

Admitted students receive a text message and an email, informing them to report personally to the Service of Academic Management in order to present the original documents for verification.


How do I finalize UMH enrollment?

  • Once the documents are verified, students are sent a text message and an email with the enrollment PIN that is used to finalize enrollment via the online self-enrollment application. Said email contains information about the enrollment period and the transfer credits granted so students do not register for any of the corresponding courses.
  • Subsequent to this, students are sent a Rectoral Resolution of Admission through the postal service to the address listed in their application, and this resolution indicates the transfer credit granted and that denied.


How am I notified if I am not admitted?

This is done via a Rectoral Resolution that is sent to the student’s address listed on his or her application.


These procedures are administered according to these regulations.



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You may request that the documentation provided for academic years prior to 2012/13 be withdrawn by completing the information in the following form.